Fully Licensed and Bonded – Why It Matters to You

Owner Greg Palmer explains what license and bonded means to you…

One of the “lines in the sand” that separates a good fence company is being fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Often when people are looking for the best deal for their upcoming fence project, they aren’t fully educated on why this matters. Please allow us to explain why…

Though many of the reasons may seem obvious, there are some deeper less obvious ones as well.

Action Fence is Fully Licensed

First off, because Action fence is fully licensed, it means that we are legally recognized as professionals in our industry, and have passed all tests and requirements from the state of Tennessee.  When you deal with someone who is not licensed, you are putting yourself at a huge, unnecessary risk, to save only a few dollars.  You are going by someone’s word rather then by their credentials in this situation, and we deal with this sad situation more often then you might believe when we redo botched jobs.

What Being Bonded Means

Being bonded means we are putting you first by protecting you financially should there ever be a case of poor workmanship or non-performance.  In this situation, you could potentially get get financial assistance in your efforts to remedy the situation from the surety bond or recovery fund.

Why Action Fence is Fully Insured

Insurance for a company is much like that of a car.  If there is accidental damage to your property that is our fault, we will get it fixed.  Insurance is another form of not just protecting you, but also us because accidents happen.

In Conclusion, Why this All Matters To You

The reason this is all important to you is two fold. The first reason is most important, and that is because it offers you the most possible protection.

Second, and less obvious is that being fully licensed, bonded, and insured is a sign of stability.  Being around for 34 years doesn’t happen accidentally. It is only by providing an excellent product that we support long after the job is done, that has allowed us to continue serving you in our area for such a long time.

Even if you don’t go with Action Fence, please make sure that you choose a company that puts you first, and cares enough about their business to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured.