Did You Know a Well Prepped Wood Fence Post Will Save Your Fence from Rotting?

Everyone envisions an illustrious wood fence when they picture that perfect home, and the beauty of wood fencing surrounding a well-manicured house cannot be understated.. But the truth is that with properly prepping the wood fence posts, even more so then the fence itself, that fence will eventually rot and fall long before it should have.

Just imagine how you would feel seeing that the fence itself is in perfect shape and beauty while at its base it starts to warp and sag causing the entire fence to become an eyesore.

It’s probable that your wood fence is rotting at the base.

Vinyl fence If you’re relatively new wood fence is starting to sag it’s probable that it is rotting at the base. When attempting to place a wood fence post into concrete, extremely special preparations are necessary. The reason is because when it rains, water gets trapped in the dugout holes of which the concrete was poured.

Underneath the post water has no way to escape. A simple trick to help save your fence posts from rotting is to place gravel in the whole before setting the wood post and the concrete. This allows water to escape within the hole. The water can then train out and the post can dry out, and thus not giving the word an opportunity to start to rot.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting a wood fence you’d better understand that protecting the post is the most important part of securing the long-term ability of your fence to stand strong. By placing gravel in the whole before setting the post and pouring the concrete you create a space for water and moisture to escape underneath the post.

If you’d like some more tips about protecting your wood fence please watch the video below, or better give us a call and find out about our exciting wood fence products. Our expertise allows us to create long-lasting, durable, wood fences that you enjoy for years to come.